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sometimes they say we are dreamimg

sometimes they say we cant handle the pressure

sometimes they think we are too weak

we dont have to prove to them what we are made of

sometimes they just want us to give up

who are you going to trust?

i made a promise to myself a long time ago

i dont have to put on a show

i dont have to be something that i am not

just so you can watch

 my brothers and  sisters this just have to stop

we cant let them still our joy and turn it into pain

God love for us will never change

before you give in, and listen to all the wrong things they say

know that God is only a prayer away.

                                                      written by: April Lovett Bradford


                   ORDINARY  GIRL

I am just an ordinary girl,

Living in this world.

I live my life the best I can,

Don't judge me because of the color of my skin.

I may not be a model size,

But that doesn't mean I have to run or hide.

I am beautiful, I  am sure you can see

I am happy with just me

An ordinary girl

I don't ask for much,

Just a loving touch.

Someone who understands,

A strong man with a plan.

I don't have to have diamonds and pearls,

I am just an ordinary girl.

I can walk with my head held high,

Yes I may stumble a little bit.

But that doesn't mean I am going to quit,

No I am not perfect

I am a plan with a purpose.


              Written By: April Lovett Bradford


Love Is

Some people forget that love is

tucking you in and kissing you "good night"

no matter how young or old you are

Some people don't remember that love is

Listening and laughing and asking questions

No matter what your age

Few recognize that love is

Commitment, resposibility

No fun at all unless

Love is you and me


                                  Written By: Nikki Giovanni



Touched by an Angel

We unaccustomed to courage

exiles from delight

lived coiled in shells of loneliness

until love leaves its high holy temple

and comes into our sight

to liberate us into life.

Love arrives and in its train come ecstasies

old memories of pleasure

ancient histories of pain.

Yet if we are bold,

love strikes away the chains of fear

from our souls.

We are weaned from our timidity

In the flush of love's light

we dare be brave

And suddenly we see

that love costs all we are

and will ever be.

Yet it is only love

which sets us free.


                          Written By: Maya Angelou

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